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Kundalini Mala


Image of Kundalini Mala
  • Image of Kundalini Mala
  • Image of Kundalini Mala
  • Image of Kundalini Mala

This mala necklace is made of fragrant sandalwood beads, with natural semi-precious gemstone accents.

Howlite guru stone and accents act to decrease feelings of selfishness and criticism. A stone for purity and clarity. Can improve concentration by clearing the mind of chatter. Clear Quartz the master healer, and a dynamic meditative aid.Moonstone helps you find your inner goddess and honour her. All three of these stones are excellent meditative aids, and Opalite magnifies all their properties.

The silver spacer beads make mantra-counting effortless, and create a long length. Gorgeous 4" white tassel is representative of the journey of growth of a lotus flower - no mud = no lotus.

---- notes ----

Handmade in Canada in a smoke-free home, this mala is ready to ship.
Please expect slight colour variations due to monitor calibration and brightness.

Avoid excessive exposure to water or moisture as it can damage the delicate nature of the crystals, or cause the seeds to expand.

Should not be used as a replacement for medical care without advisement of a professional. Use in addition to a solid health-care plan, not in place of one.