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Solace Mala


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  • Image of Solace Mala
  • Image of Solace Mala

This mala necklace is made of genuine fragrant sandalwood beads, with natural semi-precious gemstone accents. 108+1 beads, and a tassel for growth through challenge and darkness. No mud, no lotus...

Tree Agate guru stone // helps keep us rooted firmly, but opens our minds to the potential of our ideas. Reminds us to stay grounded in our beliefs, but also sway gently with resistance and change. Encourages us to spend time in nature to balance our emotions. Can aid in cleansing and detoxing our physical bodies.
Amazonite // reminds us that if we ask the divine for guidance, help is always available to us. Gives us the courage to speak our truth, to act with integrity towards ourselves and to speak up for ourselves.
Moss Agate // let this stone be a reminder to keep yourself grounded, to slow down, to spend time outdoors with Mother Nature - and be a steward to our earth. Helps when using herbs and aromatherapy for body, mind and spirit. It helps combat mental fatigue.
Sodalite // installs a drive for truth and an urge towards idealism - making it easier to stay truthful to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. It can balance rampant emotions, and is especially beneficial to wayward feminine hormones, including menstruation and menopause.

---- notes ----

Handmade in Canada in a smoke-free home.
Avoid excessive exposure to water or moisture as it can damage the delicate nature of the crystals, or cause the seeds to expand. Should not be used as a replacement for medical care without advisement of a professional. Use in addition to a solid health-care plan, not in place of one.