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Mala Style Teether


Image of Mala Style Teether

Mamas know there is little more stressful to a baby or toddler than teething. And those pinching fingers as they nurse? Ouch!

Boho Babies Necklaces by the Wonder Love Shop were designed to give a home for fiddly nursing fingers, give relief to achey, teething gums, and provide a stylish solution for both of those problems!

The Mala style teethers are the baby friendly version of the original Wonder Love Shop Malas! Extra long and luxe, they are the perfect accessory!

The silicone is:
** food grade
** free from PVC, BPA, cadmium, lead and phthalates
** durable: firm enough to stand up to chewing, supple enough to provide relief
** easily washed with soap and water
** NOT flavoured :) the product names are just fun identifiers!

---- Disclaimer ----

Necklaces are NOT toys. They are composed of small parts - please use common sense when using with a child - it is possible that small parts may come loose and pose a choking risk. As with all cording, strangulation could occur if not properly supervised. Do not leave child unattended with this, or any other Wonder Love product.

Please note, this listing is for ONE necklace only :)