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Creation Mala

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  • Image of Creation Mala
  • Image of Creation Mala
  • Image of Creation Mala

Recently revamped and more beautiful than ever!

This 108 bead mala is made with a genuine fragrant sandalwood and accented with semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver beads.

This mala was crafted with the creative soul in mind. Amazonite is known to release blockages, allowing you to put pen to paper, paint on canvas and think outside the box. Allow it to open you up to inspiration and take action with your inspired thoughts. Lava is symbolic of strength and steadfastness - encouraging you to stay the course, so the magic can happen

The spacer beads make mantra-counting effortless, and create a long length. Try layering your mala under a scarf so the guru peeks through, or wrapped around your wrist as a visual reminder of your intentions.

Use this mala as an essential oil diffuser! Any (or all!) of the lava beads may be used as a vessel for an essential oil - simply drip a drop of your favourite oil, and inhale the aromatic benefits for hours. Curious about essential oils? contact me for info on the brand I use and trust <3

---- notes ----

***Tourmalinated Amazonite stones are naturally very distinct in colour and design. Some guru stones will be predominately blue, some mostly black and grey, while some will be a beautiful combination of blue, grey, black and amber. Please contact me if you have a specific preference for your mala's appearance***

Handmade in Canada in a smoke-free home, this mala is ready to ship.

Avoid excessive exposure to heat, water or moisture as it can damage the delicate nature of the crystals, or cause the wooden beads to expand.