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Be The Light Mala


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  • Image of Be The Light Mala


Brown Senna wood, accented with sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads. 108+1 bead Mala.

A mala for abundance, positivity and walking the path of authentic achievement.

Citrine a stone of confidence, optimism and discipline. Invigorating and positive, they are highly energizing. Ideal to promote creativity and goal achievement.
Amazonite [guru] encourages the pursuit of each individual path through life. Promotes self-expression, artistic creativity and healing.
Amethyst the universal stone for peace. Calms the mind during both waking times and rest, thus making it ideal for meditation.
Rose Quartz the universal stone for love. It allows one to love themselves, thereby opening up the heart to others.

---- notes ----

Handmade in Canada in a smoke-free home, this mala is ready to ship.

Avoid excessive exposure to heat, water or moisture as they can damage the delicate nature of the crystals, or cause the wooden beads to expand.

Should not be used as a replacement for medical care without advisement of a professional. Use in addition to a solid health-care plan, not in place of one.