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Rainbow Baby Mala


Image of Rainbow Baby Mala
  • Image of Rainbow Baby Mala
  • Image of Rainbow Baby Mala

Crafted from fragrant sandalwood, and semi-precious gemstone bead accents. 108+1 bead mala.

Moonstone stone of new beginnings. Reminds us that as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is a part of a cycle of change. Powerfully effects the female reproductive system, balances hormonal systems. A symbol of all that is feminine and the goddess.

Rose quartz brings deep inner healing, and is excellent for calming, and use during trauma. A stone of unconditional love, and infinite peace. Said also to increase fertility. Most effective when worn over the heart.

Carnelian full of the life force and vitality. influences female reproductive organs and increases fertility.

Amethyst the universal stone for peace - to bring serenity to your heart and mind.

---- notes ----

Handmade in Canada in a smoke-free home, this mala is ready to ship.

Avoid excessive exposure to heat, water or moisture as they can damage the delicate nature of the crystals, or cause the wooden beads to expand.

Should not be used as a replacement for medical care without advisement of a professional. Use in addition to a solid health-care plan, not in place of one. My heart is with you, brave mamas.